The goal of the Blend-IN project is to provide an educational platform for youth workers to develop their skills necessary for effective management of communities with different cultural backgrounds. The partnership aims to create a sophisticated simulation game, developed to provide youth workers with realistic situations and point them to correct solutions. Providing interactive training for youth workers in the field of intercultural communication and management is an innovative way how to improve the quality of life for people living in communities across all over the Europe.

Our main objectives in reaching Blend-IN’s overall aim are:

– Design and development of online multilingual simulation platform;

– Elaboration of training methodology for implementation of the simulation game in both online and offline environment – Blend-IN Handbook;

– Organisation and conduct of a 4-day Joint Staff Training to prepare 12 youth workers for piloting the Blend-IN Simulation platform;

– Organisation and conduct of a blended mobility to 24 youth workers;

– Promotion of intercultural management and communication across youth and youth workers’ communities across Europe (via Blend-IN Info Day: Presentation of Blend-IN Simulation platform in Bulgaria,  Blend-IN Info Day: Presentation of Blend-IN Methodology Handbook in Germany, and Blend-IN International Conference in Greece).